Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vlog #1! CP Interview!!! OH MAH GAWD!

I ended up doing my interview inside my car with a few friends for moral support. I was seriously about to hyperventilate when I got my call, but honestly I worried for no reason. The best tip for me to give is the most stupid sounding.... You ready for it?.... Just Be Yourself!!! You're selling yourself to them, don't be someone you're not or the person you think they're looking for. 

Depending on the roles you choose depends on the questions you will be asked. My castmember first started off with asking all those nitty gritty questions about all the information you entered in your online application. Once all that's done with they dive into the questions about your roles. The first thing they asked for me was why I wanted to work at Disney, then out of the roles that I choose which were the top three. After that they asked me about Merchandise. Since I already work Retail most of my questions dealt with Merchandising. If you've ever had an interview they pretty much ask you the same questions. They give you norm like:
  • What do you do during an emergency
  • How would you deal with unhappy guests
  • How well do you work with others
I hope this info can help anybody who's having trouble with there interview. Remember to have fun with it and the time will pass by. My interview took the whole half hour and it only felt like ten minutes to me.

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