Friday, June 4, 2010

Vlog #5! Minnie bring me the axe!


Ok when you log onto the student page you'll find this.


You'll find your applicant number in the grayed out box in the bottom left. Now in the Yellow box above click on housing to get to the Housing page. Scroll down and there will be a grayed out button.

When you click it, this should pop up.

Re-enter your log in and you'll be prompted with some text about housing. There will be two pictures ( I don't remember what they said because I forgot to take a screen cap.) But just read what they say and click on the one about knowing your roommate in advance. Click that and enter the persons number and that will send them in invite. When that person then logs into there housing thing, they will be asked if they want to room with you. Hit Yes and you're DONE!

And that's it! 

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