Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vlog #4!

Wow, this felt like I was filling in a Myspace survey.

1. Your name? Alan

2. Are you legal (over 21)? Nope, but I'm turing 20 on the 23rd of August!

3. Male or female? Male.

4. Gay, straight, bi (optional)? Gay.

5. Where do you live? Palm Springs, Fl.

6. What role will you have at Disney? I'm going to be a Vacation Planner, but I still don't know where I'm going to be working on property.

7. What are your arrival/departure dates and season? I'm leaving Aug. 9th for the Fall Term and should be back home at the beginning of Jan.

8. Which apartment complex would you prefer to live at? Vista Way is my ideal place to stay because I'm really trying to bust out of my shyness and if I have fun roommates I'll open up and have a great 5 months working at Disney.

9. How many roommates/rooms do you want? Honestly I don't care as long as they keep the place clean for the most part.

10. Do you like to party? No, but a man can change!

11. What's your favorite food and, more importantly, can you cook well? I LIVE for good Mac & Cheese and I do think I can cook well. I really love baking though. I'm still thinking if I should bring my baking stuff with me.

12. If your friends could descibe you in three words, what would they be? In the words of my friend Jon.


13. What kind of music/movies do you like? For music, I enjoy what you heard on the video, but I also listen to Ingrid Michaelson, GoldFrap, and Disco Music. I'll pretty much listen to anything.
When it comes to movies, my fav is Cats Don't Dance and I enjoy watching comedies and documentaries. 

14. Do you smoke and, if so, inside or outside? Nope, never.

15. Do you drink (socially or alcoholically)? Nope nope.

16. Are you a night person or a morning person? I'm a creature of the night.

17. Are you driving or flying down? I'm going to be driving up there with my parents.

18. What do you do for fun? Fun...things? I enjoy loitering at my local comic book shop, Past Present Future Comics, playing video games and I TRY to read some books on the side.

19. What is your favorite quote? Favorite quote? "You are women and yet your many beards forbid me to interpret you are so." MacB

20. What are you most excited for about being in the WDWCP? Well besides the fact I'm a Disney Freak, I really want to use this opportunity to network with all the people I can get my hands onto. I also want to participate in the VoluntEars program. My goal is to work for Disney as a Graphic Designer.

21. Favorite things to do when not working? I really do like going to work, like I said in the video. The castmembers at my Disney Store are my Disney family and I hope to extend my that family to include the people I meet during my term. BUT, when I'm not working. I listen to podcasts like Feast Of Fun and Jonny Mcgovern play on XboxLIVE, and read my books.

22. Name one good quality about myself? I'm loyal, it sounds like I said boyle in the video. 

23. Name one bad quality about myself? I tend to be peoples consciences.   

24. Your college? Palm Beach Community College, now called Palm Beach State College.

25. Your major? Graphic Design.

26. Any medical conditions?  Nope.

27. Are you messy/tidy? I'm tend to be on the Tidy side but when I do get messy it's more of an organized chaos.

28. Anything else? That's it for me but if you have anything you'd like to ask me, I have a formspring box on the blog you can fill out.

(P.S.) If I decide to bake anything in the near furture, would you guys like me to film/ take pictures so you can try it at home?

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