Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Arrival date plans PLUS renters insurance info

Ahh! I can't belive that there are only 4 days till I'm going to be living in Walt Disney World! I know I haven't kept up with the vlog but I hope I'll be able to tryvto do one vlog once a week when I'm up there. It just takes WAY to long to convert all the Flip video into a file Final Cut Pro can use. Then I have to render it so I can manipulate it and stuff... Anyway enough with this boring editing stuff, let's talk about the Arrival.

I'm going to be staying at the Sunspree which is the hotel that is literally across the street from Vista Way. One night at the Sunspree only goes for $79 and some change. I'm going to just wake up at 7:00 and walk my happy self across the street and BAM I'll already be there. From what I've read they let you in at around 8:ish. I run on Hispanic time so I may say I'll be there at 7 but I'll most likely get there at 7:30 - 7:45. Just make sure you have your:

On-Boarding Paperwork
Employment Eligibility documents (Drivers License and SSC or Passport)
License Plate Number (If you brought your car with you)
Proof of Car Insurance 
Papers saying you're covered by your parents policy (If you don't have your own, like ME!)
I'm going to put all of this stuff in my Purple Folder to keep myself Organized. 

See I told ya so

You also have to be in the Disney Look when you arrive. You don't have to be dressed professionaly since this is going to be the moving day, so just wear something you're comfortable in.  You'll need to dress all spiffy when you go through Traditions. 

So, from now on ALL CP's need to get there own Renters Insurance. I wish they would have told us a few weeks earlier so I could have saved up for it, but it's not that big a deal.

 My roommate and I are going to split it 50/50 with All State. The plan we have is about 125 for the whole year, which isn't bad at all when split with my roomie. When you leave the program just call your provider to cancel and they'll send you the difference. They also give you the option to pay monthly but they add a little fee to it so you end of spending more then just paying it off in one shot.

So, that's about it for now! I'm packing right now so I'll post my list when I'm done. I have mostly all of my clothes done so I just need to put away my video games and Toaster stuff.

See Ya Guys Later!!!

The day before Check in I'll be hanging around Down Town Disney before the Pre-Dinner at Pop Century so I'll be tweeting where I am if anyone wants to hang out and stuff. I'm going to try to get into Disney Quest with my Castmember Discount so if anyone has 35 25 bucks to spend we can go play us some Vid Mo Games.

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